BCPNP International Graduates


  • Eligible applicants are graduates from undergraduate or graduate program offered by recognized post-secondary institutions in Canada
  • Applicant and the employer are examined by the government of British Columbia
  • Applicant applies for a BC provincial government nomination. If nominated, nomination certificate will be issued, addressing to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Successful BC nominees are highly likely to get a permanent resident visa. (Medical and security check is required)

Requirements (all of the following must be satisfied)

Education in Canada (Applicant must)

  • Have obtained a graduate or undergraduate degree from public college or university in Canada, or completed a program (of one year or longer) and obtained a diploma in a Canadian public post-secondary institution
  • Have obtained a reference from a faculty member of that institution
  • Submit an application within 3 years from the day he obtained a degree or diploma

Employer is required to

  • Must be in good standing and incorporated or extra-provincially registered, registered as a limited liability partnership, in B.C., or be eligible as a public sector and non-profit employer
  • Have its main office and its permanent establishment located in British Columbia
  • Have maintained its business operation for at least one year
  • Have at least five full-time or full-time equivalent employees
  • Have a business financially sound and have full compliance with all applicable employment, labour, immigration, health, and safety laws and regulations
  • Have offered a full-time and permanent position to applicant as well as guaranteed that position after the applicant becomes a permanent resident
  • Offer an applicant a skilled position
  • Have a job offer with wages that are average or higher  for that occupation in British Columbia
  • Your employee has obtained a valid work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is currently working for you, or You have provided evidence of a genuine effort to recruit from the domestic labour market and are able to demonstrate the results of your recruitment efforts, including advertisements based on the minimum requirements


  • The graduates from the applicable college or university may obtain open work permit (Post Graduate Work Permit) which is valid for 1 to 3 years. Thus an applicant may legally work during the visa processing period.
  • Even if the open work permit is expired during the visa processing period, the work permit may be extended as long as a nomination certificate is issued by the provincial government


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