ビザ種類・移民カテゴリー LMIA 就労ビザ
職種 Supply Control Coordinator
申請時のお住まい BC州
申請からビザ取得までの期間 約4ヶ月(LMIA1ヶ月弱 就労ビザ3ヶ月)
申請する前の滞在ビザ LMIA就労ビザ(low-skilled worker)


I was so lucky to have Yumiko-san as my immigration consultant. Through her help, I applied two work permits.

I was able to get my first work permit even though it seemed hard to get at that time due to the government’s long process. This work permit was for a low-skilled position.

Whenever I have questions, she is always responsive and answers in details. I wanted to apply for PR, and she suggested me to change to a higher skilled position. For my second work permit, I got a job offer for Supply Control Coordinator position from my employer. Now as a skilled worker I am qualified to apply for PR.

Without her assistance I wouldn’t be able to apply for PR . I really appreciated her great support and would definitely recommend to others who need guidance in applying for Canadian visas and PR.