雇用主様のご紹介で就労ビザと永住権を弊社でお手伝いしたH様I'm very appreciate all the help from VisaJPCanada

ビザ種類・移民カテゴリー 永住権 カナディアンエクスペリエンスクラス(CEC)
職種 Cook
申請時のお住まい バンクーバー, BC
申請からビザ取得までの期間 約4か月
申請する前の滞在ビザ Work Permit (LMIA)


I’m very appreciate all the help from VisaJPCanada, especial my immigration consultant, Yuki Shiraishi.
I got two visas including work permit(LMIA) and PR with the help of Yuki.

Just want to tell those people who have decided and are struggling to get PR that hang in there! You will feel everything is worth when the moment you become PR.

Good luck!