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  • カナダ国内からの一時滞在ステータス延長申請
  • カナダ国内からの学生ビザ延長、就労ビザ延長
  • カナダ国内からの学生ビザ更新、就労ビザ更新



例外としてカナダ移民局が提供するCome to Canadaツール(オンライン申請ツール)のサポート対象に該当しない方は当面の間、郵送申請も受け付けます。




Type of exemption Program Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exemption code
Boutique Seafood processing workers C10
Boutique Non-Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) Guatemalan workers N/A
Boutique Quebec physicians C10
Boutique Open work permit pilot program for permanent residence applicants in the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class N/A
Boutique Two new pilots for caregivers N/A
Boutique Experts on missions (United Nations [UN] offices in Canada) C10
Boutique Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot N/A
Other Visitors in Canada applying for a temporary resident visa (TRV) N/A
Other Visitors in Canada applying for an initial study permit, work permit or both who are accompanying a spouse holding a low-skilled work permit N/A
Other In-Canada TRV family application, even if the family members are workers or students N/A
eApp exemptions Significant benefit C10
eApp exemptions Emergency repairs or repair personnel for out-of-warranty equipment C13
eApp exemptions Television and film production workers C14
eApp exemptions Francophone mobility C16
eApp exemptions Reciprocal employment C20
eApp exemptions International Experience Canada (IEC) extending the period of participation or changing employer C21
eApp exemptions Performing arts C23
eApp exemptions Live-in caregivers whose permanent residence application is submitted A71
eApp exemptions Bridging open work permits or start-up visa or Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) holders in Quebec A75
eApp exemptions Post-doctoral Ph.D. fellows and award recipients C44
eApp exemptions Medical residents and fellows C45
eApp exemptions Refugee claimants S61
eApp exemptions Persons under an unenforceable removal order S62
eApp exemptions Permanent residence applicants in Canada A70
eApp exemptions Destitute students H81
eApp exemptions Holders of a temporary resident permit valid for a minimum of six months H82
eApp exemptions Atlantic Immigration Pilot C18
eApp exemptions British Columbia Immigration Agreement 2015 – Foreign worker protection (Annex B, section 9.4) T13
eApp exemptions Seafood-processing workers LMIA-required
eApp exemptions Post‑graduation work permit (visitor record to post-graduation work permit and post-graduation work permit extensions) C43




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